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Buy a Share of British History, 

Keep Express Steam Trains on the Main Line
Welcome aboard Vintage Trains, the first new British public main line railway company share issue offered in 100 years.   

YOU can own a share of a British railway company, preserving experiences, skills and keeping historic steam locomotives running on the main line.   

We are recreating the time when it was a pleasure to travel on a comfortable and fast train for a wonderful day out. Better still, not only is there a dining car, with excellent food and traditional Pullman service, but the trains will be hauled by express steam locomotives. 

With this public share offer we shall be inviting you to own part of the magic of comfortable, express steam train travel.  We shall sustain steam engineering skills and pass them to our childrens’ generation, boost local employment, encourage international tourism, and keep alive, in immaculate working condition, our elegant steam iron racehorses so they can effortlessly work express steam trains for mile after mile on the main line.    

Help us steam in to the future and ensure our iconic British steam trains continue to run to exciting destinations throughout the UK, and help us continue to tell the stories of how the British rail industry changed the world, ensuring future generations can experience fast and authentic steam trains on main line routes for many years to come.

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