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If you are applying on behalf of an organisation or as a gift, please give the name and address of the organisation, and state who is making the aplication on their behalf below:

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   I am applying as a gift on behalf of someone else

  • Applications made on behalf of other individuals will only be processed when we have secured the agreement of the person for whom the subscription is being made
  • Applications on behalf of companies, organisations, families etc will be registered using the individual named above as the nominee


How much do you want to subscribe?
(min £500, max £100,000, in multiples of £500)
If the share offer is oversubscribed and/or unable to offer you any or all the shares you have applied for, we will refund the difference by cheque to the address above unless we are notified otherwise.

The Founders Club

   I wish to be enrolled as a member of the Founders Club and wish to be allocated the following seat(s)

Founders Club Standard Class Seats (requires a share subscription of £500 per seat)
Founders Club Club Class Seats (requires a share subscription of £1000 per seat)
Founders Club Premier Dining Seats (requires a share subscription of £2000 per seat)
Founders Club Compartment for 4 (requires a share subscription of £5000)
Founders Club Custom Package (requires a share subscription of any amount)
(The Founders Club is limited to 560 Premier Dining Seats, 300 Club Class Seats and 1,250 Standard Class Seats)

   I wish to receive an Open Day Ticket for Life

   Enter me in the Founders Club Ultimate Enthusiast Experience to ride on a Castle Locomotive Footplate.
My preference is:   
The Footplate Experience is subject to you being fit, willing and able to pass a Network Rail PTS (Personal Track Safety) Course and Railway Medical administered by BUPA.

   Please contact me to discuss the Shareholder Rewards and Founders Club


I confirm that: (this consent is required for us to accept your subscription)  

  • I am 16 years old or older
  • I understand that the Board of Directors of Vintage Trains CBS may reject my application, and not obliged to tell me why it has been rejected.
  • I have read the Share Offer Document and understand and accept the terms of the share offer and the Rules of Vintage Trains CBS
  • I understand that the board may conduct such checks as necessary to comply with money laundering regulations

I consent to receiving formal notices by the email address on this form and links to formal documents on the society website (optional but much preferred as it will save us postage and printing costs)  

Payment Options

I wish to pay by:
Please send cheques and your completed application form by the deadline to Vintage Trains Share Issue, c/o 670 Warwick Road, Tyseley, Birmingham B11 2HL

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